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Dilemma of Advice


We all know advice is available freely everywhere. Whether we need it or not its been poured from all over at every point. Family, Friends, Media, internet, radio or even billboards will keep pressurizing us to follow their advice.

Now the question is, should we listen to them or go by our gut feeling. Its quite annoying for people to take advice from seniors or anybody. Its like playing a sport defensively while we all love playing aggressively.

The answer to the dilemma is BALANCE. Whether it is a personal or professional matter, some of the greatest minds tell us never to go by somebody else’s thoughts nor decide blindly based on our feeling. A good balance of Listening, Thinking, Planning & Executing will take us a long way. Attending webinars, or discussing & sharing with experienced and successful people should be mixed with the passion and desires of our heart. This should lead us through the pathway to Success.

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