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They say you can’t outrun the cops…

This water slide should not exist…

Highest… Fastest… Craziest Water Slides in the World!

Verrückt slide in Kansas City, USA Kilimanjaro in Volta Redonda, Brazil Insano slide in Aquiraz, Brazil Captain Spacemaker in Jesolo, Italy Tower of Power slide in Tenerife, Spain Massiv slide in Galveston, Texas, USA Xpirado slide in Rio Quente, Brazil Slip N Fly slide in Tijuana, Mexico Royal Flush slide in Waco, Texas, USA Stukas Boom slide in Verona, Italy Turbo slide at Tropical Islands, Germany L2 Double-Looping slide in Wörgl, Austria Leap of Faith slide at Atlantis Dubai, UAE Toboloko slide at Cascanéia, Brazil Big Toboloko slide at Cascanéia, Brazil Cliff Diver slide in Calverton, NY, USA Scorpion’s Tailslide in Wisconsin, USA Striker slide in Ras al Khaimah, UAE Serpent slide at Atlantis Nassau, Bahamas

Top 10 Terrifying Swimming Pools


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